How To Increase JioFi 2 Internet Speed (Trick) After 1GB DATA

How to Increase JioFi 2 Internet Speed After 1Gb Data (Tips and Tricks)

How to increase jiofi speed of internet in jio wifi device: Jiofi 2 device is the portable hotspot device released by the reliance communications. By connect with this device we can access internet without wire connection. And with one jiofi device we can connect 31 devices. This jiofi device uses jio SIM for internet access. While you are experiencing the low speed of internet, you can run the following basic checks to improve your internet jiofi speed. In this we provide you the information about how to increase the speed of the internet through jiofi device.

To Enjoy The Jiofi High Speed of Internet, Make Sure That:

  1. Jiofi device is kept in an open area or not and there is no obstructions to it.
  2. There should be no electromagnetic waves producing devices near to it.
  3. Keep your connected devices within 10metres radius of the jiofi device.
  4. Ensure that no obstructions between the jiofi device and the connected devices.

The above are the basic things we remember to check when we are facing the low internet speed.

How to increase Jiofi speed 1 GB Daily Data Limit in Reliance Jio 4G

Things that have to do, to increase jiofi speed of the internet through jiofi:

  • Make sure that you have not exceeded the jiofi internet daily data limit of 1 GB, if it exceeded you will get the speed will reduced to 128kbps and the internet data will be restored on next day (After 12.00AM) and then you can get the high internet speed. Data limit is not exceeded, try for the below ways.
  • Make sure that you have the full network coverage or not. The reliance jio 4g network coverage will indicate in different colors for different signal strengths.
  • Jio 4g network bar shows in green color it indicates a full network coverage
  • JIOFI wifi device shown in blue color that it indicates network in that area in average.
  • If it shown in red color that it indicates that there is poor network coverage area, due to that you are getting slow internet speed.
  • Still you are facing the slow internet speed particular with one website or app that is the problem with that website not with the internet providers.

By trying all the things which are mentioned above and even getting the slow internet speed, and then raise the complaint to the jio customer care.

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