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About jio prime membership Registration & Price: Reliance jio had made its kick start on September 2016 and it crossed over 100 million subscriptions in just 170 days. jio prime Rs.99/- Membership is the latest subscription offer for the existing jio customers. Under this offer you will get all the benefits after March 31 of these present free unlimited benefits.

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Jio announced a custom made program called the jio prime member ship program. This offer is valid only to the current jio customers and joined as the jio customer before the 15th April of 2017. The detailed description about this jio prime membership is as follows.

Jio 4g network extends unlimited plans benefits until 31st march 2018 for prime membership customers. Reliance jio had started with the “jio new year offer” that allows the user to make free calls & video calls, send free SMS , free video calls making use of the 4G free data services . From the start of the arrival of the jio SIM it has been providing the unlimited benefits to its customers till 31st march 2017. To continue these unlimited data & unlimited calls, jio plans extended this plan for one year till March 31st 2018 this offer is only for the customers who get upgraded their number by doing recharge with Rs 99/- only.

Jio prime membership subscription cost & benefits:

  • To get the jio prime membership one have to pay Rs 99 per year.
  • Once you became the jio prime member, you will be able to get unlimited voice calls and SMS by recharging your jio number with just RS 399 per 84 days.
  • By making this recharge you will get the benefits like unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, free SMS and daily 1 GB 4 G data.
  • For one month for the first time you have to pay Rs.99+ Recharge
  • For three month subscription you have to pay Rs 99+ Recharge
  • Register For Jio Prime Service Get Unlimited Benefits For 12 Months

JIO Recharge Plan 399 With jio Prime Membership:

Customer will get Daily 1Gb Data for 84 days & Unlimited calls from Jio to All Mobile networks through out India.

JIO Recharge Plan 509 With jio Prime Membership:

Customer will get Daily 2Gb Data for 84 days & Unlimited calls from Jio to All Mobile networks through out India.

NOTE: Jio 4g Network offers Prime Membership Registration at Rs99/- Till 31st March 2018.