How to Reset JIOFI 2, JIOFI 3 Password if Forgotten JIO Wifi Reset

How to Reset Jiofi 2 & JIOFI 3 Wifi router if Forgot Password?

I forgot my jiofi username and password reset jiofi: We all know that reliance communication had entered into the communication field and introduced the jio SIM and later it comes with a jiofi device which was used as a portable hotspot that we can access internet wireless and can connect nearly 31 devices and we can access 4G data through it. Internet through the jiofi device is accessed by only inserting the jio SIM in it and we can access to the device by using the login ID and password. If we forget the login credentials of the jiofi 2,3 device or system encounters any error, then you need to hard reset jiofi to restore the settings factory default.

After master reset jiofi will start working with the settings available out of the box. Users may encounter the system failure or need to cover login details to access WiFi router in working mode.

Jiofi have hard reset button which help users to factory reset jiofi if users forget the login credentials or system meets any software failure then if we make hard reset we can again use our device. Then how to hard reset the jiofi 2 & jiofi3 device. The below is the procedure to hard reset the jiofi 4g wifi router.

Reset JIOFI 2, 3 Password if Forgotten JIO 4g wifi Reset

How to hard reset the jiofi 2,3 router http://jiofi.local.html:

The below are the steps to follow for hard reset the jiofi router.

  • First of all remove the back cover of the jiofi device.
  • Take the “SIM ejector pin” and jiofi module.
  • Then insert the “SIM ejector pin “to jiofi reset button carefully.
  • And keep pressing the button for 60 seconds which was present at the inside and release.
  • Then jiofi device will get blinking and it will reboot automatically that is it will start automatically.
  • Now connect to jiofi device with your laptop or mobile phone.
  • Next open the browser in your device and enter”jiofi.local.html/index.html” and press enter button.
  • Then you will navigate into the jio admin page in that login as the administrator and access the internet.

This is how we can hard reset the jiofi router. How to find a forgotten username and a password on JioFi2 & JIOFI 3 for more information visit

JioFi 3 Hard Reset 4G router to reset password and Restore Factory Settings: