How to Upgrade JioFi 2, JIOFI 3 Firmware Download Update Latest version

Upgrade JioFi 2 & JIOFI 3 Firmware (Software) to Latest Version Download

Now Update your JioFi 2/3 Device to the Latest Firmware Version:Reliance communications had launched the Jio SIM as well as jiofi 2, 3 devices. With that we can make our own hotspot and we can connect our devices and we can access internet wirelessly.

For every electronic device that had the internal software will have a regular upgrades, and our must have to upgrade to that latest version to resolve the current issues. For that the authority or company will work on the current issues or to improve the performance or to introduce the new features for their device. So it is must to upgrade our device according to the latest version software.

Likewise jiofi device also had a lot of issues from function to features in current firmware version PEG –M2-B20 – users get less control over the customization and slow speed of internet. For the slow speed internet resolution you must upgrade to the latest version. In this we provide you the information how to upgrade your jiofi 2, 3 device to the latest version.

How TO Upgrade JioFi 2, JIOFI 3 Firmware  Software Update Latest version

How to upgrade your jiofi 2, 3 Firmware to Latest version:

By following the below steps you can upgrade to the latest version of the jiofi device.

  • While getting upgrading to the latest version of the jiofi firmware your device must have 100% charging.
  • First of all power on the jiofi and connect PC or mobile to jiofi Wi-Fi network.
  • Next login into the admin page. http://jiofi.local.html/
  • Now select “settings tab and choose for the option “firmware upgrade “menu.
  • Once you select the firm ware, click on the “apply “option to initiate the firmware upgrade.
  • This will take some time to complete the whole process.
  • After that it will automatically reboot the device, and then hard reset your device to restore the upgraded version.
  • Now, you can connect your PC/mobile to the updated jioFi router.

How to Upgrade JioFi 2, 3 Step by Step Firmware (software) to Latest Version Video Tutorial:

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