How to Use the Micro SD Card in Jiofi Hotspot Dongle (Memory Card)

How To Access A Micro SD Card on JioFi 2 & 3 (JIO Wifi Devices) as WiFi Cloud & Pendrive

How to access the Memory card slot in jiofi hotspot dongle: The wonderful and one of the features of jiofi hotspot dongle is that it provided with micro SD card inserted slot. Users can add a SD card in the slot. By adding the SD card it gives the ability to transfer files, videos, images, songs by using this storage in the jiofi dongle as WiFi storage. In this we provide you the information about how to configure the SD card in your jiofi device. The below are the Easy Steps to Turn Your Reliance JioFi 4g JIOFI device into a Wi-Fi Mobile Storage details to configure SD card.

How to Configure the Micro SD card in your jiofi device:

  • Insert a micro SD card (memory card) in the SD card slot on the back side of the device and switch on the device.
  • Then open the admin page by typing ji.local.html. In the browser and login as an administrator.
  • Once logged in go to settings and select storage option. After that choose for the following.
  • After that in that storage account select “ENABLE”.
  • Storage user name: keep default as SD card or change if you want.
  • Storage password: change the password or keep default one. This would be shared among the users to access the files or documents stored in the micro SD card.
  • Storage mode: keep it as Wi-Fi storage mode.
  • Share the URL of the SD card to all the users to access the content in the SD card.
  • That’s it we can configure the following SD settings by following the above step wise procedure.

Different storage modes available on micro SD card on JioFi device:

  • Local storage: SD card contents can only be accessed using a USB cable connected to the computer.
  • Wi-Fi storage: SD card contents can be accessed through the local Wi-Fi connection.
  • Internet storage: this can enable the device to work as cloud storage.

How to Use SD Card on JioFi 2 as WiFi Cloud Storage Space Step by step Guide:

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